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I Can Has Dollz?
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19th-May-2010 04:52 pm - Blah. No new info really.
Savings aren't going too well.
No job = no new money.

I'm thinking about buying something else I've really been wanting since it's going to take forever for me to get the rest of the money for August anyway.
I know I want to go to a con this summer and I want to cosplay as Kadaj. Maybe I should start working on that. :/

But I doubt I will. I want this doll so much more than anything else.
28th-Feb-2010 09:43 pm - Monaaaay.
I'm about halfway through saving! :D
11th-Feb-2010 06:17 pm - Anger. Rage. Blah.
So most of you probably know already, but I'm out of a job.
No, I didn't get fired.
I just wasn't needed to help babysit anymore. >.<

I dunno what I'm going to do now, considering I reaaally fucking want this doll. Hmm, maybe because I've been wanting him for about two years?
Put that in your mouth and suck it! D<

Anyway. Blarg.

Thought I'd share this with you.
This is not from me (obviously) but it was a box opening posted on den of angels.

Just wanted to add that I seriously almost started crying when I got to the long paragraph.
(Sorry for the individual pictures too. That's how she had done it and I couldn't link to DOA because you have to have an account to see, and I know you prolly wouldn't want to waste more time doing that. So just click on the pic and then click it again after the new page comes up. ._. )

10th-Feb-2010 05:26 pm - Hardee. Har. Har.
I now officially know that I am going to be one of those weirdos that makes my doll a myspace/ facebook. xD
I had thought about it just for fun before, but then I looked up 'BJD' on myspace and there's a whole myspace dedicated to people who have made their BJDs a myspace as well. O.o
It sounds weird to me, but I find an odd attraction to the concept.

Hmm... >3<
So today I was looking at a lot of pictures that were taken during bjd box openings (since I've watched all of the videos on youtube, already. xD).
And for some reason, I seemed to like some better than others.

You see, some people just take pictures of the box, the box inside of the box, the bubble wrap, then the doll.
Then there's the creative people who like to make a little photostory out of their box opening and take pictures of their other dolls helping to open the box.
But none of the owners were in these since they obviously had to hold the camera.

The ones I found that I loved the best and could feel the owners love for their doll was when someone else was taking the pictures.
It shows the emotions on the face and such and I don't mean to sound all blubbery and weird, but I wanted to almost cry when looking at some of these. Such a happy moment wrapped up in such a short time.

Just thought I'd warn everyone to be prepared. When I do my box opening (which will hopefully be filmed AND photographed) I might just start crying as soon as I see him.

7th-Feb-2010 08:19 pm - Intro-ness
Hey Frianz!
So I've had this account for a while now and I have just recently found what to do with it.
If you're reading this, you're probably a close friend of mine.
If not, welcome. :D

This is where I will be posting my doll stuffs so that I don't spam everyone's inboxes on deviantART.
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